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Ask For Help

Live More Awesome
Live More Awesome is the charity I co-founded to help support, encourage and inspire all of us who have suffered with depression by living more awesome lives.

Brain Elasticity

Duolingo is a great online tool for learning a new language. And it's free to use!

Lumosity is a great tool for keeping your brain engaged, active and sharp. Personally, I've found my short term memory has improved since using it.

Detox Retreats

Atsumi Healing
I participated in a seven-day fasting cleanse at Atsumi. I lost a lot of weight but more importantly I felt amazing and refreshed afterwards. If you're looking for a slightly more inclusive group experience I would highly recommend Atsumi.

Spa Resorts
Spa Resorts offer a beautiful setting with a more self directed detox process. I found the experience a lot more private than Atsumi so if you are looking for a more isolated experience I would choose this location.

Diet & Nutrition

I purchase most of my health supplements through iHerb. My orders arrive within a week and the pricing is a lot cheaper than most products that are imported and sold in my home country of New Zealand.

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet is well researched and shown to be well suited for mental wellness. You can learn more about The Mediterranean Diet at The Mayo Clinic.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Free EFT Online Training
EFT has been one of the simplest and yet most amazing transformation tools I have ever used to help let go of trapped, unexpressed and current emotions.

Group Training

Tapping Changes
I first met Punkaj Gupta while at a seminar in Bali in 2013 and was fortunate enough to learn EFT with him in Singapore. I would highly recommend his way of teaching and training to help better understand how to let go of your past and create an amazing future.


A Bit Mental
My best friend and partner in awesome Jimi Hunt wrote a very honest, inspirational and heart warming book about his journey into and out of "depression". You should buy a copy because not only is it a great read, but it helps support Jimi financially which gives him more time to spend on Live More Awesome which helps us support more people on their journey back to wellness. Win Win!


6 Phase Guided Meditation
Vishen Lakhiani's six phase guided meditation is an awesome daily ritual to use if you want to start your day strong, centred and relaxed.

The Stillness Project
My awesome friend and meditation guru Tom Cronin has some great tips and resources to help you learn how to meditate and find peace.

Self Help

Action For Happiness
Action For Happiness is a great online tool to help you recognize simple things that contribute to happiness.

Mind Valley
Mind Valley is one of the most innovative organizations when it comes to self-help programmes.

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous
If you feel that you have a problem with Alcohol, then find your nearest AA group and give them a call.

LMA Community
LMA Community Facebook Group offers a shared space to talk safely about living more awesome, it's challenges and help each other out as well as getting people from similar places to be awesome together.

Narcotics Anonymous
If you feel that you have a problem with narcotics or other substances, then find your nearest NA group and give them a call.

Walk With Me
Over a million people are considered "physically inactive" in New Zealand alone. So I'm on a mission to get 10,000 + of us moving forwards and going for walks. Why? Because walking has been proven to make you feel good, walking has the least number of barriers to entry, it requires no money and has more stick-ability than any other form of exercise.

Why We Need Support From Others

Mr. G the Goat & Jellybean
One of my favourite online clips which demonstrates how all living beings need the companionship and support of others.

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