My passion is improving mental health around the world.

I have an unhealthy obsession with helping people find unusual solutions to interesting problems.

I live to go on random adventures.

People Working With Me

Don't ever f@#king work with this guy. You'll probably re-think your entire existence, quit your day job and join an ashram some place trendy like Goa.

Some Person Some Company Of Note

We've worked with Dan since 2005 and having worked with a number of development companies prior I can say hand on heart that he is the best developer/ tech consultant we have worked with hands down. He always treated the projects as if it was his own website and gave ongoing feedback insuring the most usable outcome. He made himself available at all sorts of crazy hours and responded quickly and calmly when sometimes we were a tangled mess of anxiety during our peak seasonal times of trading. I would say do yourself a favour and let Dan run some magic through your project, you'll never look back, we sure didn't.

Eddie Freeman FreemanX

Sometimes you meet people and you know that there is something special about them. I rarely meet people who blow my mind with their level of intelligence but Dan is on a whole other level. Not only is he a genius, but his ability to hear an idea and connect five other concepts you never would have thought of and deliver it back to you as if it was your idea all along - is truly a superpower. Dan is the first person I call whenever I need business advice or just to have a laugh as he is warm, funny, brilliant, authentic and doesn't have an arrogant bone in his body. If you need help with strategy, consulting or just general life advice, Dan is your man...

NZ Hypnotherapy NZ Hypnotherapy

I was working for Daniel in 2005 and then became a business partner with Daniel in 2007. Dan and I have worked on many projects together in the last 9 years. Dan's knowledge, ability to make things happen, anything is possible approach is a delight to be part of. His knowledge and experience with complex web based system is second to none. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Rob Andrews NZ Travel Group

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dan on a number of web projects. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and technical abilities in providing solutions. I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering web development work.

Brad Walker Adrenalin Group

Daniel took on a barely formed website for us more than 10 years ago and in the intervening period was a key component in building a great deal of flexibility and additional functionality to support our consultants. He is responsive and talented and we have enjoyed the relationship with him.

Colin Mathieson Alpha Recruitment

Daniel is committed to providing quality solutions to his clients, and it has been a very enjoyable experience working with him. His extensive portfolio highlights his achievements and ongoing dedication to excellence.

Mark Baldwin iKnowTek
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Mental Health / Wellbeing / Dating / Travel as of 01/11/2017
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