World's Biggest Waterslide

In 2013 my friend Jimi and I decided to create a not-for-profit called Live More Awesome to raise awareness for mental health. We came up with a ridiculous idea to raise awareness for mental health by building The World's Longest Waterslide. With zero dollars and the kindness of strangers from around New Zealand we dug a 650 metre trench along a hillside, lined it with polythene, ran water down it, got plenty of scrapes and bruises and slip slided our way into media around the world. It was pretty hair-raising experience, but through creating something ridiculous, we created an interesting platform to talk about something no so fun, depression and mental health.

In 2015 we aimed higher, created our second successful crowd-funding campaign to raise $120,000 in seven days to build the World's Longest inflatable waterside. We received a Guinness World Record, received more media attention around the world and the Travel Channel made two docucmentaries about the journey and helped us take the waterslide to the U.S. We had a f#$king awesome time, received millions of dollars in media attention to talk about mental health, but most importantly we got to talk a lot about the lesser talked about topic of depression.

Media Coverage